Online Teaching and Assessment Strategies

General Recommendations

While adapting your face-to-face courses to an online, synchronous or asynchronous learning environment, please bear in mind the following suggestions.

  • Anticipate varying degrees of internet access and consistency for yourself and for your students.
  • Avoid making assumptions about who will or will not have access to technology and internet resources. Create an opportunity for students to communicate their individual concerns (e.g., ask “Is there anything I need to know that could impede your continued progress in this course? ”). Students with unmet technology needs should contact Penn State IT at 814-865-HELP (4357) or for individual arrangements.
  • Modify your late policy to accommodate unexpected internet outages, particularly when an exam or assignment is due.
  • Provide your students with options for accessing course content, demonstrating participation, completing assignments, and communicating with you.
  • Establish a preferred means of communication and direct your students to use it. Consistent, frequent, and timely communication benefits everyone.
  • Penn State's Remote Learning includes answers to common student questions. Prepare responses to suit your course.
  • Use Penn State's Remote Teaching as a central resource for faculty.

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Online Teaching and
Assessment Strategies

Online Teaching Strategies

Adapting Assessments
for Online Teaching

To Request Support

As you plan for online instruction, the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence faculty consultants are available to assist you.

Contact a faculty consultant or send an email to to schedule a consultation.

To schedule a consultation with an instructional designer, technology consultant, find technology training for Canvas, Zoom, or Kaltura, or to reach Tech Support, visit Remote Teaching, Technology Training.