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Teaching Awards Review Criteria

Below is a brief summary of the Review Criteria. For details about what reviewers look for in the candidate packet, see Evaluation Rubric in the side bar.

  • Knowledge and use of effective, active, and engaging pedagogy

    Strong candidates will regularly and extensively incorporate activities that meaningfully engage learners in their courses.

  • Learner- and student-centeredness

    Strong candidates will indicate their recognition that students learn differently and that students play an important role in the learning beyond the role of passive listener.

  • Equity and inclusion

    All candidates should demonstrate through their course design and other activities that the candidate has already taken action to in their teaching and courses to create an inclusive and equitable learning environment at Penn State.

  • Alignment between teaching and learning

    Strong candidates link what they do in their courses with what they expect of students. This is reflected by consistency between their teaching philosophy, student learning expectations, course objectives, coursework (e.g. in-class activities, assignments, exams), and grading practices.

  • Passion for teaching and students’ learning

    All candidates will communicate excitement and enthusiasm for teaching and student learning in their philosophy and course materials, and through the testimonials of students in their letters of support.

  • Sharing teaching and learning expertise (a key characteristic of Eisenhower award winners)

    Strong candidates will have extended their teaching and learning experience and/or expertise to other faculty and the larger academic community.

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