Community of Practice Resource Kit

If you are looking for materials, ideas, or other information to support your community of practice, we are pleased to provide you with teaching and learning Resource Kits. Each Resource Kit contains readings, web resources, and other teaching-related resources on a topic of your choice.

You may request that we create a Resource Kit specific to your topic. The use of a Resource Kit is not required. Rather, we are happy to make them available if you think it will make your facilitation work easier.

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What is a Resource Kit?

Resource Kits are tailored to the topic and needs of each specific Community of Practice, but generally have the same content categories. Each Resource Kit contains readings, web resources, and teaching-related resources.

  • Under Awareness and Action, we provide resources that relate to teaching and learning, as well as documents that might serve as discussion prompts for your group.
  • Under Readings, you can find general introductory texts on the topic or recommendations for texts to consider with your group.
  • Under Media, you will find links to web resources as well as podcasts or videos.


Is there an existing Resource Kit that I could look at?

Yes! We have developed a sample Resource Kit on well-being, which focuses on personal well-being as well as on well-being in learning environments. The kit contains general introductory readings, media links, and resources related to teaching and learning.


Does every CofP need to use a Resource Kit?

No, not necessarily. If your CofP is off to a good start and you have a clear idea of what your group would like to focus on, you may not need a Resource Kit.


How can we get a Resource Kit for our CofP?

You can just reach out to any of the SITE garden project consultants and request a Resource Kit. A consultant will be in touch with you shortly to find out more about the specific needs and interests of your group. You can expect to receive your CofP Resource Kit within one week of your initial request.