Return-to-Campus Planning

Responsive teaching and assessment strategies

In Fall 2021, Penn State will return to pre-COVID modes of instruction, which for most (95% of courses) means in-person and synchronous. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring the best of the innovative teaching and learning strategies you used in remote more mixed mode courses with you when you return to campus. And while we hope that the pandemic is waning, we can continue to expect the unexpected for ourselves and for our students. Planning for flexibility, consistency, organization, collaboration, support, and clear communications is useful under any conditions.

Surveys of Penn State students conducted Spring 2021 indicate that the following strategies were especially effective in promoting learning.

These results are similar to those for other surveys conducted by Penn State in Spring 2021 and by Educause. They also appear among the effective teaching and learning practices in our Faculty to Faculty video series, and in the Universal Design for Learning framework.

The recommendations below are drawn from Penn State faculty and other sources. We encourage you to explore and implement any practices that resonate with you and are practical for your teaching environment this term.

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Other Technologies

To Request Support

As you plan to return to campus, the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence faculty consultants are available to assist you. Contact a faculty consultant or send an email to to schedule a consultation.

To schedule a consultation with an instructional designer, technology consultant, find technology training for Canvas, Zoom, or Kaltura, or to reach Tech Support, visit Keep Teaching, Technology Training.