This article includes quotes that challenge some long held, but invisible, biases in the learning environments we create for students even today.
Wednesday, March 28, 1:30 p.m.
Teaching technology today requires a lot of collaboration. On the one hand, there are the many overlapping skill sets involved in discussing any one element at the intersections of technology and culture today (algorithms, machine learning, platforms). And on the other hand ,,,
A recap of this ongoing project, presented by the student team.
Advice about writing assignments that help detect inadvertent acts of plagiarism before they become serious academic misconduct violations
Professor Eury recaps the results of using journals in her MGMT 355: Leadership and Change in Organization course...
This article by Pete Watkins, for Magna's Faculty Focus, talks about what I first heard the question, "Does everyone understand?" described as a "Who's the Dummy?" question. Shocking!
A UConn faculty member developed an assignment for their students that would help inform them about the role writing plays in their future
Article includes a screenshot of what students see when entering the SRTE site.
We asked faculty with a 70% or greater response rate and at least 30 students in their classes to share advice on getting students to fill out the SRTEs
This report focuses on using student ratings data in the faculty evaluation process and is based on Senator Linse’s original work (Linse, in press), with additions specific to Penn State and the SRTEs.
This document describes a specific strategy that provides a collaborative learning experience for students.