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Teaching and Learning Activities Showcase of hybrid or online classroom projects and activities.

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Now accepting applications for a Fall 2015 grad assistant!

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Participants needed for a national study to explore how the scholarship of Teaching and Learning is supported.

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Do you have a new course to design? Have you wanted to re-design a course you’ve been teaching for a while?

Consider applying by March 23 to be a participant in our 4th annual Course Design Academy (CDA).

You’ll spend a week designing your course in the company of 10 or so other faculty from across the university. As a participant in this highly interactive faculty learning community, you’ll apply principles of learning and assessment, as well as the latest research on teaching, to your specific course. Inspired by the CDA, previous participants have collaborated on grant projects, presented at teaching conferences, and given invited talks on teaching topics.

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We are currently recruiting applicants for an Academic Instructional Consultant, Technology Pedagogy Specialist
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This document was created to provide you with a source of options for gathering data on teamwork...
This document describes a specific strategy that provides a collaborative learning experience for...
Lists of examples of verbs that can be used to construct specific, measurable learning objectives...
A handout that provides information and exercises on how to plan an effective class session...
Brief explanation of several easy-to-use Classroom Assessment Techniques, with examples...
This two-page handout provides a basic explanation of how to make and use rubrics to improve...
An easy to use graphical representation of updated Bloom's Taxonomy congitive domain, including...
In-depth discussion of planning and writing a case study. Key steps discussed include identifying...
18 page document of recommendations of how departments and faculty can use information from SRTEs...
This file is an example of a rubric that can be used to grade a science experiment. The use of a...