Mindfulness Applications in the Higher Ed Classroom
Presented by Suzanne Shaffer, Instructional Designer, Penn State York
Wednesday, 9/28/2016, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Via Zoom

Mindfulness is the quality of "being aware in the present moment...[it] opens the mind and gives space for new understanding." (Barbezat & Bush, 2014). Practices that help people to develop the quality of class mindfulness are taught in many secular contexts from helping people to manage stress, to teaching students to increase their ability to focus and concentrate, to providing an avenue to deepen the reflective process. Extremely popular in K-12 settings in recent years, mindfulness is now gaining traction in higher education because of the potential benefits to those who cultivate the practice.

Suzanne Shaffer, Instructional Designer at Penn State York, will discuss the principles of class mindfulness, explain what has been done at Penn State York to incorporate mindfulness practices in higher educational settings, and lead hands-on virtual activities about mindfulness practices.

Via Zoom

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