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Teaching Communities

Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Community-Building

A teaching community is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss teaching and learning. Community members share experiences and expertise, exchange strategies and ideas, and explore solutions to teaching or learning challenges.

  • Proposals for Teaching Communities (TC) are accepted year-round. If you expect to request funding for your TC, please submit your TC request by May 1 (or the next business day if May 1 falls on a weekend). Funding may not be available later in the year.
    • Information you will you need to submit a TC Proposal.
    • Propose a new Teaching Community or renew your current Community using our online form.
  • TCs may submit a funding request of up to $750; requests should be consistent with the size of the group.
  • TCs may request funding with the initial proposal or during the academic year.
  • All TCs will be listed in SITE Teaching Community directory so that new members may join.
  • TCs are asked to submit to SITE a brief paragraph summarizing the community's activity at end of the year.

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