External Grant Collaborations

Schreyer Institute consultants can assist faculty members with applications for external grants (NIH, NIMH, NSF, FIPSE, etc.) that have a curricular or pedagogical focus and that inform undergraduate education practices at Penn State. We can provide support to overall project design, but our particular areas of expertise are project assessment and evaluation. The level of support we can give depends on a number of factors, which are outlined below as a general guide. We would be happy to provide an initial consultation to explore opportunities to collaborate, so please do not hesitate to contact us with external grant questions.

Factors we consider when making decisions about collaborating on external grant applications:

Examples of Institute Common Consultant Collaboration on External Grants

Questions for External Grant Proposers

If you are interested in support from the Schreyer Institute for an external grant, please either answer the following questions and forward them to the consultant or be prepared to answer them at your initial meeting. Answer as many questions as you can but don’t worry if you can’t answer all of them. Providing as much information as possible prior to meeting will help prepare the consultant for the meeting.

  1. What is the granting organization? (e.g. NSF, NIH, Dept. of Ed.)
  2. What is the funding type? (e.g. TUES)
  3. How will the project benefit undergraduates at Penn State?
  4. What specific questions/expectations do you have of the Institute? Proposers often don’t know what to expect, or how the process works. They look to us to provide the expertise in the area of assessment. In this case, we need to provide suggestions such as those listed under the conditions for support (Options 1, 2 and 3).
  5. What is the url for the “Request for Proposal” (RFP)?
  6. What are the guidelines for selecting personnel, particularly any kind of “qualified external reviewer” (this information is in the RFP)?
  7. What is the deadline for the proposal?
  8. Do you have a draft available for the consultant to see?