Spring 2016 Penn State Course in College Teaching


This highly successful 8-week course combines the best elements of a collaborative learning environment with those of a seminar on pedagogy. Discussion of the current literature on teaching and learning, as well as facilitation by instructors from the Schreyer Institute's experienced faculty, help prepare participants to design and implement both practical and reflective instructional activities. The impact of the course is evident in the number of participants who intend to implement new teaching practices as a result of taking the course.

Required Assignments:

Spring 2016 marks a new approach to CCT course experiences and assignments. For the required assignments, participants will lead 3 short "micro-teaches" in which they teach an introductory concept from their disciplines to their fellow CCT participants. Each micro-teach will center on a different set of principles and skills. Feedback from Institute consultants and CCT peers will follow each micro-teach.

Optional Experiences:

All CCT participants are invited to schedule one-on-one consultations on teaching philosophy statements or syllabus design. We recognize that, for some students, these are important topics of immediate relevance. Our consultants will work with graduate students one-on-one to address other teaching topics of interest to them.

Course objectives

Upon successfully completing the course, participants should be able to:

  • apply effective principles of course design and planning
  • integrate teaching and assessment strategies to enhance student learning
  • reflect on personal beliefs and practices about teaching and learning


The Course in College Teaching is a free, non-credit course. In Spring 2016, it is open to any graduate student with prior teaching experience or teaching assistantship. Interested faculty are invited to participate, as well, or enroll in the summer CCT which is delivered online


The Spring 2016 Course in College Teaching will be held Wednesdays from 1:30 - 3:30, in 315 Rider Building, University Park, beginning February 10 and running through March 30.

It includes five two-hour meetings (a total of 10 hours face-to-face) at Penn State University Park and three online sessions. Participants must attend at least four face-to-face meetings and participate in all online activities to earn the CCT certificate.

Reading Materials

There is no required text. Relevant readings will be assigned from a variety of sources. All will be readily available through the University Libraries or publicly online.


Registration for the Spring 2016 Course in College Teaching will open December 1. Prior teaching experience is required to attend the Spring 2016 CCT.


Completion of the Course in College Teaching satisfies one requirement of the Graduate School Teaching Certificate. Opens in new window

Sample resources

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