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New Instructor Orientation – Fall 2014

Welcome to teaching and to Penn State! Good teaching involves planning, lots of it and at every level. While there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for good teaching, happily there are a few activities that do seem to make a difference. As a new instructor, we encourage you to make use of all of our programs and resources as well as those provided by your department and college.


The online New Instructor Orientation is a self-directed workshop administered through ANGEL, Opens in new window Penn State's course management system.


The purpose of the New Instructor Orientation workshop is to provide faculty with a brief introduction to Penn State resources and processes crucial to good teaching and planning.


New Instructor Orientation is free and open to all instructors at Penn State. In order to receive the letter of completion you will need to complete two assignments.


The fall 2014 course begins on August 22. Registration for the fall session ends at noon on September 24. All classwork must be completed and uploaded by 11:59 p.m. on October 3.


Click here to register for New Instructor Orientation - Fall 2014.

In early August, registered participants will receive an email with ANGEL access information.

Graduate student instructors

Completion of the New Instructor Orientation satisfies a requirement of the Graduate School Teaching Certificate. Opens in new window