Scanning Operation: General Process

The new system offers our customers enhanced web features and immediate access to student score data once the job has been scanned. Errors with answer keys, student answer sheets or changes to the exam setup or scoring profile can be quickly and easily configured electronically without the need for re-scanning. The new system also eliminates the tedious task of setting up all of your exams in a request file prior to the start of every semester.

The basic workflow of the system is described below.

Getting Started

  • Administer your exam as usual
  • Collect the answer sheets
  • Bubble in your answer key(s)
  • Fill out and print the Scanning Operations Job Submittal Form at your desk (or at one of the two computers located in the Scanning office located in Pollock Building). Hard copy forms are also available at Pollock.
  • If you have multiple versions of the exam and wish to have a single item analysis, fill out the Item Unscrambler form.* This form is also available in paper form in the scanning office.
  • Bring the printed form(s) and Scantron sheets to Pollock.

*An electronic means of associating multiple versions of your exam is in development for the Instructor Tools website. Once implemented, you will no longer need to fill out this form.

After Forms are Scanned

  • The instructor of record will be sent an email indicating that the scan job is complete.
  • Customized scoring, item weighting and response weighting are configured on the Instructor Tools web site.
  • The sheets will be returned to you (or picked up by you) and any sheets with errors will be separated.
  • Corrections or edits to your exam may be made electronically, if needed.
  • Rescore your exam.
  • Run any necessary reports from the Instructor Tools web site.
  • Upload grades to the LMS or other gradebook using the CSV data report available on the Instructor Tools website.

Scanning Operations: Quick Links

To learn more about the new system, please review the Basic Instructions for Using the Instructor Tools or watch the recorded videos listed below. Please send any questions not answered here to us at

Video Overviews of the Instructor Tools Website

Where to Find Us

105 Pollock Building

Fall and Spring Hours

8:00A - 5:00P, Monday through Friday
Closed University holidays

Summer Hours

9:00A - 3:00P, Monday through Thursday
Closed Fridays* and University holidays

*Open 9:00A - 3:00P Friday, August 14, 2015

Processing time

Two to three business days.

Drop slot

For your convenience, materials may be left in the drop slot adjacent to the entrance to 105 Pollock. Please review the drop off checklist (pdf) before dropping your materials in the slot.

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