Course in College Teaching – Spring 2019 registration is closed

This highly successful eight-week course provides an opportunity for faculty and graduate student instructors from all disciplines to share ideas and strategies for successful teaching. The course includes discussion and practice based on information drawn from the teaching and learning literature, as well as from the experiences of individual participants. The course is designed to allow participants to explore successful teaching and learning as a collaborative group.

The CCT is a free, non-credit course for faculty of any rank/status and for graduate students who are currently teaching/TAing (or who have done so recently). The course is not designed to meet all the needs of first-time teachers. If you have questions about course fit, please contact one of the course facilitators.

The Spring 2019 CCT will be facilitated by Larkin Hood ( and Mary Ann Tobin (

Required Assignments:

Required assignments may include “micro-teaching” sessions in which participants teach an introductory concept from their disciplines to their fellow CCT participants. Feedback from institute consultants and CCT peers follows each micro-teach. Participants may also be asked to conduct a classroom observation; interview an instructor to discuss that person's pedagogical strategies; analyze and revise an existing syllabus; or write a one- to two-page statement of teaching philosophy.

Course Objectives

Upon successfully completing the course, participants should be able to:

  • apply effective principles of course design and planning;
  • integrate teaching and assessment strategies to enhance student learning; and
  • articulate personal beliefs and practices about teaching and learning.


The CCT is open to Penn State faculty, graduate students, and post-docs with previous teaching or TAing experience. Those with no previous teaching experience should take the Instructional Foundations Series.


The Spring 2019 CCT will be held Thursdays from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. in 315 Rider Building, University Park, beginning on February 7 and ending on April 4.

It includes five, two-hour face-to-face meetings (a total of 10 hours) at Penn State University Park and three online sessions held in Canvas, each of which may take up to two hours to complete. To earn the CCT completion certificate, participants must attend at least four out of five face-to-face meetings, participate in and complete all online activities, and successfully complete the certificate assignments.

While this course does not serve as a formal certification process, it does provide documentation of participation in this course. This certificate may be included in a teaching portfolio as evidence of professional development as an instructor.

PLEASE NOTE: The course completion certificate for the Course in College Teaching is different than the Graduate School Teaching Certificate. For a complete list of the requirements for the Graduate School Teaching Certificate, please see

Reading Materials

Readings will be assigned from a variety of sources and will be readily available through the University Libraries or publicly online.

Participants reading.

Participants writing on whiteboard.