To Teach is to Learn

A new podcast series that celebrates teaching in and out of the classroom.

Nichola D. Gutgold, professor of communication arts and sciences at Penn State Lehigh Valley

To Teach is to Learn is a new podcast developed to share the best classroom practices of some of the best teachers at Penn State.

As a big podcast listener, I've come to appreciate lessons that can come over the airwaves, so I wanted to provide the Penn State community with a teaching and learning related podcast that celebrates both the classroom techniques of teaching as well as concepts that anyone—whether or not the listener is a teacher—could put into action.

Recently, I read a little book about learning that made a big impression on me. Written by a communication professor (probably part of why I like it so much!) Becoming a Learner stresses that “learning requires a relationship.” The author, Matthew L. Sanders, states that "when you become a learner, you recognize that you need to build strong, professional relationships and that you need to find mentors."

Part of the goal of the new podcast, To Teach is To Learn, is to share that message with listeners. Someone listening to the podcast could be another professor at Penn State, or a student or someone from a different university, but the chance to reach out to the professor and make a connection is there. In addition, the message of finding mentors is one that has been repeated by a number of guests, and we are in the very early stages of recording. So if there is already a “take-away” from To Teach is To Learn, it's that learning is social. Making connections, both with the material in the class and with the professor who teaches the material, and your classmates, is absolutely essential for a rich experience.

I hope that listeners will enjoy the podcast To Leach is to Learn and offer feedback to me at

You can also find the podcast collection by searching Gutgold in the Schreyer Institute's Tools & Resources Repository.