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Atherton Award Recipients

(Amoco Award from 1978 to 1988)

George W. Atherton photo

The George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching, named for the seventh president of the University (1882-1907), is presented each year to four faculty members who have devoted substantial effort to undergraduate teaching.

2022 Recipients

  • Lauren Kramer, Associate Teaching Professor, Kinesiology, Health & Human Development, University Park
  • Ashley Patterson, Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, Education, University Park
  • Heather McCune Bruhn, Assistant Teaching Professor, Art History, Arts & Architecture, University Park
  • Carol Evans, Lecturer, Biology, Fayette
  • Debra Majetic, Assistant Teaching Professor, Radiological Science, New Kensington
  • Eric Robbins, Assistant Teaching Professor, Finance, Behrend




  • Andrew Baxter, Associate Teaching Professor, Mathematics, Science, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Jacqueline Bortiatynski, Associate Teaching Professor, Chemistry, Science, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Liliana Naydan, Assistant Professor, English, Arts and Humanities, Penn State Abington—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Sarah Rich, Associate Professor, Art History, Arts and Architecture, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • John Roth, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, Penn State Behrend—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Jennifer Zosh, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Health and Human Development, Penn State Brandywine—Philosophy of Teaching


  • Fred Aebli, Lecturer, Information Sciences and Technology, Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State Worthington Scranton—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Elaine Barry, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Health and Human Development, Penn State Fayette—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Mary Connerty, Associate Teaching Professor, English, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Penn State Erie—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Dennis Decoteau, Professor, Horticulture, Agricultural Sciences, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Frederico Fonseca, Associate Professor, Information Sciences and Technology, Information Sciences and Technology, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Michael Janik, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Engineering, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching









  • Anner, Mark, Assistant Professor, Labor Studies and Employee Relations, University Park
  • Bates, Elizabeth, Instructor, Nursing, Hershey
  • Cody, Thomas, Instructor, Music, University Park
  • Eaton, Melissa (Missa), Assistant Professor, Psychology, Shenango
  • Park, Byeong-Chul, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, DuBois
  • Warley, Russell, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Erie-Behrend


  • Hardin, Marie, Associate Professor, Journalism, University Park
  • Matsoukas, Themis, Professor, Chemical Engineering, University Park
  • Novack, Robert A., Associate Professor, Supply Chain and Information Systems, University Park
  • Pluhar-Adams, Evelyn, Professor, Philosophy, Fayette


  • August, Andrew, Associate Professor, History, Abington
  • Drafall, Lynn E., Associate Professor, Music, University Park
  • Dudkin, Elizabeth A., Associate Professor, Biology, Brandywine
  • Petrulionis, Sandra H., Professor, English and American Studies, Altoona


  • Morris, Gregory, Professor, American Literature, Erie
  • Reardon, Carol, Professor, Military History, University Park
  • Samarth, Nitin, Professor, Physics, University Park
  • Turkes, Doris, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Women's Studies, Berks


  • Curran, Brian A., Associate Professor, Art History, University Park
  • Guertin, Laura A., Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences, Delaware County
  • Reilly, Jennifer Marchand, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Mont Alto
  • Speel, Robert W., Associate Professor, Political Science, Erie


  • Dirsmith, Mark W., Deloitte & Touche Professor, Accounting, University Park
  • Greene, Paul D., Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology and Integrative Arts, Delaware County
  • Pisupati, Sarma V., Associate Professor, Energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering, University Park
  • Shull, Peter J., Associate Professor, Engineering, Altoona


  • Belmonte, Andrew, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, University Park
  • Costantino, Roselyn, Associate Professor, Spanish & Women's Studies, Altoona
  • Miller, Linda P., Professor, English, Abington
  • Weiner, Michael, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Altoona


  • DeReus, Lee Ann, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Altoona
  • Franceschina, John, Distinguished Professor, Theatre, University Park
  • Hamilton, William, Assistant Professor, Biology, New Kensington
  • McLaughlin, Jacqueline, Assistant Professor, Biology, Berks-Lehigh


  • McGregor, Annette, Associate Professor, Theatre, University Park
  • Shibley, Ivan (Ike), Associate Professor, Chemistry, Berks
  • Szymczak, Robert, Associate Professor, History, Beaver
  • Woodbridge, Linda, Professor, English, University Park


  • Doyle, Richard M., Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • Higson, Nigel D., Distinguished Professor, Mathematics, University Park
  • Markley, Arnold A., Assistant Professor, English, Delaware County
  • Simpson, John M., Associate Professor, Chemistry, Beaver


  • Becker, Robin G., Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • McMullen, Wayne J., Associate Professor, Speech Communications, Delaware County
  • McWilliams, John C., Associate Professor, History, DuBois
  • Miller, Arthur C., Professor, Civil Engineering, University Park


  • Engel, Renata S., Professor, Engineering Science & Mechanics, University Park
  • Greenberg, Amy S., Associate Professor, History, University Park
  • Robinett, Richard W., Associate Professor, Physics, University Park
  • Vallone, Anthony J., Associate Professor, English, DuBois


  • Brown, Douglas K., Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Science, Altoona
  • Kulakowski, Bohdan T., Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University Park
  • Moore, Dinty, Professor, English and Liberal Arts, Altoona
  • Schulze, Robin, Associate Professor, English, University Park


  • Cimbala, John M., Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University Park
  • Knodt, Ellen, Assistant Professor, English, Ogontz
  • Kur, Barry, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts, University Park
  • Walton, Lisa Williams, Professor, Business Logistics, University Park


  • Arnold, Douglas N., Professor, Mathematics, University Park
  • Cyr, Richard J., Assistant Professor, Biology, University Park
  • Gergen, Mary, Associate Professor, Psychology, Delaware County
  • Norbert, Mary, Associate Professor, History, Worthington-Scranton


  • Georgopulos, Peter, Professor, Physics, Delaware County
  • Gutierrez, John, Associate Professor, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, University Park
  • Jackson, Jennifer, Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • Kelly, William, Assistant Professor, Theater and Integrative Arts, University Park


  • Chandra, M. Jeya, Associate Professor, Industrial & Management Systems Eng, University Park
  • Findeis, Jill L., Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics, University Park
  • Holmes, Charlotte A., Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • Ousey, John R., Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences, Delaware County


  • Bechtel, Lori J., Professor, Health Education, Altoona
  • Clark, Deborah L., Associate Professor, English and Women's Studies, University Park
  • Severance, Sibyl L., Associate Professor, English, Delaware County
  • Yoder, M. Daniel, Associate Professor, Music, University Park


  • Black, Robert C., Assistant Professor, Biology, Delaware County
  • Engelbret, William G., Associate Professor, Accounting, Altoona
  • Marme, Douglas R., Professor, Theater Arts, University Park
  • Stephenson, Andrew G., Associate Professor, Biology, University Park


  • Berkowitz, Leonard J., Professor, Philosophy, York
  • Manbeck, Harvey B., Associate Professor, Agricultural Engineering, University Park
  • Price, R. Alan, Associate Professor, English, Hazleton
  • Soulsby, Marlene A. Pilarcik, Associate Professor, German and Humanities, Worthington-Scranton
  • Youngquist, Paul B., Assistant Professor, English, University Park


  • Ayoub, Ayoub B., Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Ogontz
  • Burness, James, Associate Professor, Chemistry, York
  • Franz, George W., Assistant Professor, History, Delaware County
  • Shobaken, Bruce, Associate Professor, Art, University Park


  • Eckhardt, Robert B., Associate Professor, Anthropology, University Park
  • Mustazza, Leonard, Professor, English, Ogontz
  • Pannaparayil, Thomas, Assistant Professor, Physics, Shenango
  • Pencek, Richard W., Associate Professor, Exercise and Sport Science, University Park


  • No Recipients Listed


  • Kleindorfer, George B., Associate Professor, Quantitative Business Analysis, University Park
  • Santulli, Michael A., Associate Professor, Philosophy, Hazleton


  • Abt, Vicki, Associate Professor, Sociology, Ogontz
  • Eisenstein, James, Professor, Political Science, University Park
  • Geschwindner, Louis F., Jr., Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering, University Park
  • Kevelson, Roberta, Associate Professor, Philosophy, Berks


  • Frankforter, A. Daniel, Associate Professor, History, Behrend-Erie
  • Litvin, Daniel B., Associate Professor, Physics, Berks
  • Lowe, John P., Associate Professor, Chemistry, University Park
  • Shellenberger, Paul, Professor, Dairy Science, University Park


  • Ebbitt, Wilma R., Professor, English, University Park
  • Kersnick, Michael A., Professor, Business Administration, Delaware County
  • Lennox, John E., Assistant Professor, Microbiology, Altoona
  • Pennock, Roger, Jr., Associate Professor, Soil Genesis and Morphology, University Park


  • Cornwell, Paul R., Professor, Psychology, University Park
  • Hostetler, Robert P., Associate Professor, Mathematics, Behrend-Erie
  • Kabel, Robert L., Professor, Chemical Engineering, University Park
  • Smith, James F., Jr., Associate Professor, English and American Studies, Ogontz


  • Butt, David E., Associate Professor, Speech Communications, University Park
  • Lerner, Richard M., Professor, Child and Adolescent Development, University Park
  • Rizzolo, Patricia, Assistant Professor, English, Ogontz
  • Simonsen, August H., Assistant Professor, Environmental Science, McKeesport


  • Goldschmidt, Arthur, Jr., Associate Professor, History, University Park
  • Haas, Charles G., Jr., Professor, Chemistry, University Park
  • Mercando, Meil A., Assistant Professor, Biology, Ogontz
  • Shaevel, M. Leonard, Associate Professor, Physics, Hazleton


  • Aurand, Harold W., Associate Professor, History, Hazleton
  • Goodwin, H. Eugene, Professor (Retired), Journalism, University Park
  • Mills, Moylan C., Associate Professor, English, Humanities and Arts, Ogontz
  • Mitchell, Robert B., Associate Professor, Biology, University Park


  • Cash, Erskine H., Associate Professor, Animal Science, University Park
  • Hirshfield, Claire, Associate Professor, History, Ogontz
  • Keiper, Ronald R., Associate Professor, Biology, Mont Alto
  • Wickersham, Edward W., Associate Professor, Zoology, University Park


  • Babcock, Bruce S., Assistant Professor, Mathematics, York
  • Georgopulos, Peter D., Associate Professor, Physics, Delaware County
  • Parks, Sara Clemen, Associate Professor, Dietetics, University Park
  • Shepherd, Stanley J., Associate Professor, Physics, University Park

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