George W. Atherton Award Recipients

(Amoco Award from 1978 to 1988)

The George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching, named for the seventh president of the University (1882-1907), is presented each year to four faculty members who have devoted substantial effort to undergraduate teaching.

2017 Recipients

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2016 Recipients2016 Recipients
2015 Recipients2015 Recipients
2014 Recipients2014 Recipients
2013 Recipients2013 Recipients
2012 Recipients2012 Recipients
2011 Recipients2011 Recipients
2010 Recipients2010 Recipients
  • Anner, Mark, Assistant Professor, Labor Studies and Employee Relations, University Park
  • Bates, Elizabeth, Instructor, Nursing, Hershey
  • Cody, Thomas, Instructor, Music, University Park
  • Eaton, Melissa (Missa), Assistant Professor, Psychology, Shenango
  • Park, Byeong-Chul, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, DuBois
  • Warley, Russell, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Erie-Behrend
2009 Recipients2009 Recipients
  • Hardin, Marie, Associate Professor, Journalism, University Park
  • Matsoukas, Themis, Professor, Chemical Engineering, University Park
  • Novack, Robert A., Associate Professor, Supply Chain and Information Systems, University Park
  • Pluhar-Adams, Evelyn, Professor, Philosophy, Fayette
2008 Recipients2008 Recipients
  • August, Andrew, Associate Professor, History, Abington
  • Drafall, Lynn E., Associate Professor, Music, University Park
  • Dudkin, Elizabeth A., Associate Professor, Biology, Brandywine
  • Petrulionis, Sandra H., Professor, English and American Studies, Altoona
2007 Recipients2007 Recipients
  • Morris, Gregory, Professor, American Literature, Erie
  • Reardon, Carol, Professor, Military History, University Park
  • Samarth, Nitin, Professor, Physics, University Park
  • Turkes, Doris, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Women's Studies, Berks
2006 Recipients2006 Recipients
  • Curran, Brian A., Associate Professor, Art History, University Park
  • Guertin, Laura A., Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences, Delaware County
  • Reilly, Jennifer Marchand, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Mont Alto
  • Speel, Robert W., Associate Professor, Political Science, Erie
2005 Recipients2005 Recipients
  • Dirsmith, Mark W., Deloitte & Touche Professor, Accounting, University Park
  • Greene, Paul D., Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology and Integrative Arts, Delaware County
  • Pisupati, Sarma V., Associate Professor, Energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering, University Park
  • Shull, Peter J., Associate Professor, Engineering, Altoona
2004 Recipients2004 Recipients
  • Belmonte, Andrew, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, University Park
  • Costantino, Roselyn, Associate Professor, Spanish & Women's Studies, Altoona
  • Miller, Linda P., Professor, English, Abington
  • Weiner, Michael, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Altoona
2003 Recipients2003 Recipients
  • DeReus, Lee Ann, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Altoona
  • Franceschina, John, Distinguished Professor, Theatre, University Park
  • Hamilton, William, Assistant Professor, Biology, New Kensington
  • McLaughlin, Jacqueline, Assistant Professor, Biology, Berks-Lehigh
2002 Recipients2002 Recipients
  • McGregor, Annette, Associate Professor, Theatre, University Park
  • Shibley, Ivan (Ike), Associate Professor, Chemistry, Berks
  • Szymczak, Robert, Associate Professor, History, Beaver
  • Woodbridge, Linda, Professor, English, University Park
2001 Recipients2001 Recipients
  • Doyle, Richard M., Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • Higson, Nigel D., Distinguished Professor, Mathematics, University Park
  • Markley, Arnold A., Assistant Professor, English, Delaware County
  • Simpson, John M., Associate Professor, Chemistry, Beaver
2000 Recipients2000 Recipients
  • Becker, Robin G., Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • McMullen, Wayne J., Associate Professor, Speech Communications, Delaware County
  • McWilliams, John C., Associate Professor, History, DuBois
  • Miller, Arthur C., Professor, Civil Engineering, University Park
1999 Recipients1999 Recipients
  • Engel, Renata S., Professor, Engineering Science & Mechanics, University Park
  • Greenberg, Amy S., Associate Professor, History, University Park
  • Robinett, Richard W., Associate Professor, Physics, University Park
  • Vallone, Anthony J., Associate Professor, English, DuBois
1998 Recipients1998 Recipients
  • Brown, Douglas K., Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Science, Altoona
  • Kulakowski, Bohdan T., Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University Park
  • Moore, Dinty, Professor, English and Liberal Arts, Altoona
  • Schulze, Robin, Associate Professor, English, University Park
1997 Recipients1997 Recipients
  • Cimbala, John M., Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University Park
  • Knodt, Ellen, Assistant Professor, English, Ogontz
  • Kur, Barry, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts, University Park
  • Walton, Lisa Williams, Professor, Business Logistics, University Park
1996 Recipients1996 Recipients
  • Arnold, Douglas N., Professor, Mathematics, University Park
  • Cyr, Richard J., Assistant Professor, Biology, University Park
  • Gergen, Mary, Associate Professor, Psychology, Delaware County
  • Norbert, Mary, Associate Professor, History, Worthington-Scranton
1995 Recipients1995 Recipients
  • Georgopulos, Peter, Professor, Physics, Delaware County
  • Gutierrez, John, Associate Professor, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, University Park
  • Jackson, Jennifer, Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • Kelly, William, Assistant Professor, Theater and Integrative Arts, University Park
1994 Recipients1994 Recipients
  • Chandra, M. Jeya, Associate Professor, Industrial & Management Systems Eng, University Park
  • Findeis, Jill L., Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics, University Park
  • Holmes, Charlotte A., Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • Ousey, John R., Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences, Delaware County
1993 Recipients1993 Recipients
  • Bechtel, Lori J., Professor, Health Education, Altoona
  • Clark, Deborah L., Associate Professor, English and Women's Studies, University Park
  • Severance, Sibyl L., Associate Professor, English, Delaware County
  • Yoder, M. Daniel, Associate Professor, Music, University Park
1992 Recipients1992 Recipients
  • Black, Robert C., Assistant Professor, Biology, Delaware County
  • Engelbret, William G., Associate Professor, Accounting, Altoona
  • Marme, Douglas R., Professor, Theater Arts, University Park
  • Stephenson, Andrew G., Associate Professor, Biology, University Park
1991 Recipients1991 Recipients
  • Berkowitz, Leonard J., Professor, Philosophy, York
  • Manbeck, Harvey B., Associate Professor, Agricultural Engineering, University Park
  • Price, R. Alan, Associate Professor, English, Hazleton
  • Soulsby, Marlene A. Pilarcik, Associate Professor, German and Humanities, Worthington-Scranton
  • Youngquist, Paul B., Assistant Professor, English, University Park
1990 Recipients1990 Recipients
  • Ayoub, Ayoub B., Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Ogontz
  • Burness, James, Associate Professor, Chemistry, York
  • Franz, George W., Assistant Professor, History, Delaware County
  • Shobaken, Bruce, Associate Professor, Art, University Park
1989 Recipients1989 Recipients
  • Eckhardt, Robert B., Associate Professor, Anthropology, University Park
  • Mustazza, Leonard, Professor, English, Ogontz
  • Pannaparayil, Thomas, Assistant Professor, Physics, Shenango
  • Pencek, Richard W., Associate Professor, Exercise and Sport Science, University Park
1988 Recipients1988 Recipients
  • No Recipients Listed
1987 Recipients1987 Recipients
  • Kleindorfer, George B., Associate Professor, Quantitative Business Analysis, University Park
  • Santulli, Michael A., Associate Professor, Philosophy, Hazleton
1986 Recipients1986 Recipients
  • Abt, Vicki, Associate Professor, Sociology, Ogontz
  • Eisenstein, James, Professor, Political Science, University Park
  • Geschwindner, Louis F., Jr., Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering, University Park
  • Kevelson, Roberta, Associate Professor, Philosophy, Berks
1998 Recipients1985 Recipients
  • Frankforter, A. Daniel, Associate Professor, History, Behrend-Erie
  • Litvin, Daniel B., Associate Professor, Physics, Berks
  • Lowe, John P., Associate Professor, Chemistry, University Park
  • Shellenberger, Paul, Professor, Dairy Science, University Park
1984 Recipients1984 Recipients
  • Ebbitt, Wilma R., Professor, English, University Park
  • Kersnick, Michael A., Professor, Business Administration, Delaware County
  • Lennox, John E., Assistant Professor, Microbiology, Altoona
  • Pennock, Roger, Jr., Associate Professor, Soil Genesis and Morphology, University Park
1983 Recipients1983 Recipients
  • Cornwell, Paul R., Professor, Psychology, University Park
  • Hostetler, Robert P., Associate Professor, Mathematics, Behrend-Erie
  • Kabel, Robert L., Professor, Chemical Engineering, University Park
  • Smith, James F., Jr., Associate Professor, English and American Studies, Ogontz
1982 Recipients1982 Recipients
  • Butt, David E., Associate Professor, Speech Communications, University Park
  • Lerner, Richard M., Professor, Child and Adolescent Development, University Park
  • Rizzolo, Patricia, Assistant Professor, English, Ogontz
  • Simonsen, August H., Assistant Professor, Environmental Science, McKeesport
1981 Recipients1981 Recipients
  • Goldschmidt, Arthur, Jr., Associate Professor, History, University Park
  • Haas, Charles G., Jr., Professor, Chemistry, University Park
  • Mercando, Meil A., Assistant Professor, Biology, Ogontz
  • Shaevel, M. Leonard, Associate Professor, Physics, Hazleton
1980 Recipients1980 Recipients
  • Aurand, Harold W., Associate Professor, History, Hazleton
  • Goodwin, H. Eugene, Professor (Retired), Journalism, University Park
  • Mills, Moylan C., Associate Professor, English, Humanities and Arts, Ogontz
  • Mitchell, Robert B., Associate Professor, Biology, University Park
1979 Recipients1979 Recipients
  • Cash, Erskine H., Associate Professor, Animal Science, University Park
  • Hirshfield, Claire, Associate Professor, History, Ogontz
  • Keiper, Ronald R., Associate Professor, Biology, Mont Alto
  • Wickersham, Edward W., Associate Professor, Zoology, University Park
1978 Recipients1978 Recipients
  • Babcock, Bruce S., Assistant Professor, Mathematics, York
  • Georgopulos, Peter D., Associate Professor, Physics, Delaware County
  • Parks, Sara Clemen, Associate Professor, Dietetics, University Park
  • Shepherd, Stanley J., Associate Professor, Physics, University Park