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Scanning Services

Central Scanning Services will continue until further notice. Penn State has completed its review of two local scanning software applications. A summary of features and costs has been shared with the provost, who will discuss the solutions with the deans before making a final decision.

Please know that instructors will be supported and will have sufficient time to test new solutions.

We offer paper-based exam scanning (aka bubble sheets) for Penn State courses. Please use our order form to request a supply of blank answer sheets.

You are welcome to submit your forms in person, in the Testing Center lobby. Please, let the front desk staff know so that they can be collected. We will mail scanned forms back to the instructor the day after we scan the request unless the job is too large to mail.

Submit an Exam

  • See Scanning Best Practices for information on how to prepare and submit an exam for scanning.
  • Fill out and print the Scanning Request Form at your desk or at one of our computers—include any additional weighting or unscrambling forms.
  • Bring or mail the printed forms, keys and student response sheets to 105 Pollock Building.

After Student Sheets are Scanned

  • We will notify you by email when your data are ready. Please do not make any changes to the exam on the Instructor Tools web site until you receive our email that your job is complete.
  • Sheets with errors are separated and the error noted. These sheets may be resubmitted as an Append Request.
  • All other errors or corrections to your exam may be made on the Instructor Tools web site.


Instructors can use the Instructor Tools web site to email each student a report with their exam results. Only the instructor or designated proxy can release this report. Instructors can assign a TA as a proxy in Instructor Tools. The TA must be listed as an instructor in LionPath.

Scanning Data Expiration

The scanning system retains data only for the current and immediate past semester. Please download your results and reports within this time frame. We recommend you store these data with a copy of your exam and the student scan sheets. The exam and scan sheets are the official university record and must be retained by the instructor according to the General Retention Schedule for Student Records.

Please send your questions to us at

Scanning Links

Location and Contact

Scanning Operations (map)
105 Pollock Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-2802

Fall and Spring Hours

  • 8:00A - 5:00P, Monday through Friday
  • An after hours drop box is available when there is evening computer-based testing.
  • Closed University holidays and University Park campus closures

Finals Schedule and Notes

  • 8:00A – 5:00P Monday – Thursday
  • 8:00A – 3:00P Friday
  • During finals week, please drop off your scanning requests as early as possible.
  • On Friday of finals week, exams received after 1pm may not be scanned until the following business day.
  • During finals week, we will not mail exams until the following week.
  • Please be aware of university closures during or following finals.

Summer Hours

May 14 to August 12

9am to 3pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for drop-off and pick-up.

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