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Results from a longitudinal university-wide sample (150 STEM professors and more than 15,000 students) revealed that the racial achievement gaps in courses taught by more fixed mindset faculty were twice as large as the achievement gaps in courses taught by more growth mindset faculty.
Framework to guide institutions in asking the right questions before adopting a new technology
Faculty from across Penn State gathered together for an intensive three-day workshop to learn more about human flourishing; ...
Learn what you can do to help them through these bottlenecks...
Practical strategies for high impact language teaching.
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Article includes a screenshot of what students see when entering the SRTE site.
We asked faculty with a 70% or greater response rate and at least 30 students in their classes to share advice on getting students to fill out the SRTEs
This report focuses on using student ratings data in the faculty evaluation process and is based on Senator Linse’s original work (Linse, in press), with additions specific to Penn State and the SRTEs.
This document describes a specific strategy that provides a collaborative learning experience for students.