Angela Linse is the new POD Network president and in this column she asks you to share with her what you think are the most critical steps we can take to start our journey of meeting one of the core priorities of our new strategic plan
This article is about the perennial dilemma of the "survey" course...
In order to create a more inclusive university, white faculty and administrators might want to consider increasing their knowledge of the exclusions that many of our Black colleagues face.
Free webinars held on May 16 and May 30
A teaching sequence that can be used in any lesson, regardless of content level, is one way to help ensure classroom instruction time is used effectively and efficiently ...
Article includes a screenshot of what students see when entering the SRTE site.
We asked faculty with a 70% or greater response rate and at least 30 students in their classes to share advice on getting students to fill out the SRTEs
This report focuses on using student ratings data in the faculty evaluation process and is based on Senator Linse’s original work (Linse, in press), with additions specific to Penn State and the SRTEs.
This document describes a specific strategy that provides a collaborative learning experience for students.