Schreyer Institute Grants

Our mission is to advance and inspire excellence in Penn State’s teaching and learning community. To accomplish this we offer a portfolio of grant opportunities for Penn State faculty, departments, and degree-granting programs in support of teaching and learning endeavors, a with primary focus on undergraduate education. We value proposals that address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching and learning.

Each grant includes a support from an Institute consultant as well as funding.

If you have questions about any of our grant programs, please send them to us at

What we can fund

All expenditures must be align with the Schreyer Institute mission and contribute to Penn State teaching and/or learning. Each grant program funds different activities and items. Please review the grant program pages for specifics.

What we cannot fund

Please note that our funding comes from endowments, which have spending restrictions.

  • Individuals who have received a grant of $2500 or more from us in the past 3 years
  • Faculty “buy outs,” summer salary, or supplemental salary for staff or faculty
  • Graduate assistantships
  • Course design, preparation, and updating that are an expected part of teaching
  • Student wages for expected elements of teaching
  • Expenses to support study abroad or study away programs
  • Raffle prizes, gift cards, incentives, or monetary awards for participants
  • Goods or services from companies and vendors in other countries
  • Donations to organizations (e.g., in lieu of entrance fees)
  • Multi-year proposals (funds must be spent during a single fiscal year)