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Vision and Mission


The vision of the Schreyer Institute is for all Penn State students to be engaged in and responsible for their own learning by means of excellent teaching.


The mission of the Schreyer Institute is to advance and inspire excellence in Penn State’s teaching and learning community.

Who works with the Institute?

Any person involved with Penn State students teaching in any instructional mode or context. The community includes faculty of any rank or title at all Penn State campuses, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, advisors, administrators, and staff.

What does the Institute do to achieve its mission?

We help students learn by making it easier for instructors to:

  • Use effective teaching methods in face-to-face, online, remote, or mixed mode courses
  • Engage all students in inclusive and equitable learning environments
  • Effectively assess students’ learning
  • Collaborate with teaching colleagues across the university
  • Enhance the value of teaching excellence

How does the Institute achieve its mission?

We collaborate with the teaching and learning community through:

  • Consultations (1-on-1 meetings)
  • Class Interviews
  • Course Observations
  • Workshops
  • Short-courses
  • Teaching Communities
  • eTesting Services
  • Grants (internal and external)
  • Research & Scholarship
  • Schreyer Conference (biennial)
  • Publications
  • Resource Materials
  • Partnerships
  • Committee Service
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