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Just-in-time Videos on Teaching & Learning Topics

We're building a library of just-in-time videos full of brief but brilliant ideas for immediate use in your courses. Here's a sample of what's available now at our Kaltura Channel, with more to come soon!

"My students think they learn best by just listening to me lecture"

Well-constructed active learning can help students learn deeply -- but students don't always feel like that's the case. In this video, we explore the research of Deslauriers et al. (2019), which suggests some solutions to this challenge.

Using transparent lesson design to boost learning

Research has shown that providing clear directions on assignments can improve student learning. This video explains three easy ways to guarantee that assignment directions provide useful guidance to your students.

Learning Goals and Objectives

In this video, you'll learn how to define the terms learning goals and learning objectives, evaluate the clarity of existing learning objectives, and perhaps write your own learning objectives for your courses.

Single-point rubrics

Single-point rubrics provide enough information so students know what’s expected of them and room for targeted feedback on their work, making grading more efficient and less anxiety-producing for both instructors and students.

You'll also find many recorded webinars at Scheyer Institute Kaltura Channel, so be sure to subscribe!

Do you use Collaborative Testing?

Have you used Two-Stage testing (a.k.a. collaborative testing, team testing, etc.) in your courses? Are you willing to talk with other faculty members who are interested in implementing this in their own courses? If so, please send a message to Deena Levy.

Scanning Operations during Finals Week, Fall2022

During finals week we try to process scanning requests as quickly as possible so that everyone has time to finish grading. Please keep the following information in mind:

Please try to submit your scanning requests as early as possible. The sooner we can get to your request, the sooner we can help other instructors.

Scanning requests received after 1p.m. on Friday of finals week may not be scanned until the following Monday.

We will not mail sheets until the week after finals. You may still pickup your sheets at Scanning Operations.

New Course on Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence and World Campus Online Faculty Development team up to offer a new course on Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

OL 3600: Universal Design for Learning provides a high-level view of UDL for instructors and designers who embrace student variability, strive for equity, seek to implement new, research-based learning practices, and want to empower students through flexibility. Course topics include UDL theory and principles, learner-centered teaching practices and their intersections with UDL, strategies for fostering equitable and engaging learning experiences, and techniques to help students become persistent, self-regulated learners. This free, non-credit, self-paced, and entirely asynchronous online course is conducted in Canvas and is typically offered in the fall and spring semesters.

Faculty of any rank or status, graduate students, post-docs, and members of the learning design community are welcome to participate.

The Schreyer Institute and World Campus Online Faculty Development award a joint certificate of completion to those who satisfactorily complete the course. The certificate may be included in your teaching portfolio or annual review as evidence of your professional development, and it may be applied to one or more of the World Campus Online Teaching Certificates.

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Questions? Contact the course facilitator, Mary Ann Tobin at

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