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Penn State Implements New Faculty Teaching Assessment Framework

Penn State has begun to implement parts of the new Faculty Teaching Assessment Framework. The framework identifies four Elements of Effective Teaching and three sources of evidence.

During the 2023-2024 academic year, academic units are updating their Peer Review Guidelines to align with the elements of effective teaching. Faculty will include a Self-Reflection about their teaching as part of their Annual Review in spring 2024. The new end-of-course Student Educational Experience Questionnaire (SEEQ) is being implemented in the fall 2023 semester.

To learn more about the framework and to explore resources on the topic, see Assessment of Teaching.

To discuss any aspect of teaching assessment, reach out to any SITE faculty consultant or send an email to

Improve Your Teaching with the Schreyer Institute this Fall

The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence offers many great development opportunities for instructors including seminars, consultations, workshops, and teaching communities. Take the steps to increase your teaching excellence now through our Fall programs and services.

Meet with a Consultant

The Schreyer Institute has a diverse team of eight instructional consultants who work 1-on-1 or in small groups with Penn State instructors to discuss course design and planning, teaching and assessment strategies, teaching feedback and evaluation, and teaching and learning grants. Consultations are free, confidential, and can be virtual or in-person. Schedule a meeting with a consultant or email

Attend Our Workshops

In a constantly evolving global environment, the Schreyer Institute strives to keep up with current issues and solutions in teaching and learning. Our consultants discuss issues like Designing Assignments for Learning in the Age of AI and Making Sure Disruptions Don't Derail Students' Learning in our upcoming workshops. Visit the events page to find workshops that align with your goals.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging(DEIB)

Choose from many different DEIB courses or workshops at the Schreyer Institute to learn how you can build an equitable and inclusive environment for teaching and learning in your classroom. Accessibility and Belonging, Equity and Inclusion in Grading and Assessment and Supporting Student Sense of Belonging are all zoom webinars conducted by Schreyer consultants that discuss how aspects of DEIB work together in the classroom and affect student learning.Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Teach to Reach with Universal Design for Learning are courses that identify common barriers to learning, learning variability, accessibility learning design, and UDL inspired teaching and assessment strategies.

CIRTL Workshops and Courses

The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Leaning (CIRTL) is a 45-university consortium dedicated to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices for diverse learners. Penn State is a member of the CIRTL community, making their programs and resources free to everyone with a Penn State email. From time-to-time Schreyer consultants will lead events within the CIRTL network, so keep an eye on their events page for new learning opportunities.

Learn more in this Penn State News article on Schreyer Institute Fall Programs and Services

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The Schreyer Institute Welcomes New Staff Members and Graduate Consultants!

Please join us in welcoming new staff and graduate consultants to the Schreyer Insititute. Eric Dills and Ali Syed are the Institute’s new Administrative Assistants, in charge of supervising the front of the office and assisting with any task they possibly can. Olivia Szaszko oversees our website-based tasks as the Web Content Aide. Beibei Yuan keeps our social media pages up to date as the Social Media Aide.

We also welcomed three new graduate consultants for this academic year. Eunjin Kim advises on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility as the Graduate DEIA Consultant. As Penn State CIRTL Program Graduate Consultant, Rainamei Luna integrates DEIB into the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) programming and answers any CIRTL questions. And Shannon McClellan Brooks specializes in professional development and classroom observations as a Graduate Instructional Consultant.

Find them in our directory page and be sure to say “welcome” when you see them in the office.

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