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The Schreyer Institute Welcomes Two New Graduate Assistants

The Schreyer Institute welcomes its new Graduate Assistants, Dhvani Toprani and John Elia

Dhvani is a PhD candidate in Learning Design, and Technology program at College of Education. Her dissertation focuses on understanding how educational designers can integrate technologies to design more effective learning spaces. Her research attempts to understand the impact of technology on collaborative learning by taking an ecological perspective towards learning. 

Dhvani takes a keen interest in design and promoting designing thinking among young children to facilitate 21st century skills. She enjoys spending time designing material to help people learn virtually. She has worked as a Communication Officer for a Spanish non-governmental organization in India to document and disseminate the organization’s work among its diverse stakeholders.   

Dhvani is excited about joining the Schreyer Institute of Teaching Excellence as a Web and Social Media Content Graduate Assistant and she looks forward to designing interactive and engaging social media content to promote the work done at SITE.



John Elia is a PhD student in Curriculum and Instruction, with a specialization in Mathematics education. His dissertation focuses on how students learn about mathematical proof and reasoning. He is specifically interested in understanding how students can create and use examples to help with writing formal mathematical proofs.

In the past, he has worked as a high school teacher, an instructor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and as a student teaching supervisor. In each of these positions, he focused on making sure the students are active participants in the class, and that the classroom environment promotes collaboration among the students. By focusing on these goals, he aims for my students to work as a team and take ownership of their learning.

John is excited about joining the Schreyer Institute of Teaching Excellence as a Graduate Instructional Consultant and he looks forward to discussing pedagogical strategies in future workshops.