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Scanning Request Form


Please complete all fields. The menu at the top of the form shows your progress. Please use the “Continue” and “Go Back” buttons to navigate through this system. Using your browser’s back button may result in losing data.

  1. Print the request form
  2. Prepare the scanning packet in the following order:
    1. Request form
    2. Additional instruction forms (e.g., weighting, unscrambling), if applicable
    3. Answer keys (in order, starting with key “A”)
    4. Student response sheets (face-up with all sheets oriented in the same direction)
  3. If you are using half sheets, wrap the request form around the sheets
  4. Use a rubber band or paper clip to secure the packet
  5. Drop the packet in the bin at the Scanning counter (for after-hours, please use the drop slot)

If you have questions, please ask one of our Testing Support Representatives or email us at

If you need to fill out this form offline, you can use this Printable Request Form.

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