Milton S. Eisenhower Award

(Lindback Award from 1958 to 1991)

The Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching, established in 1992, is generally awarded to two faculty who, in addition to being outstanding teachers themselves, have also provided some kind of support or mentoring to others. Milton S. Eisenhower was president of Penn State from 1950 to 1956.

2021 Recipients

Milton S. Eisenhower photo

Image courtesy of Penn State University Libraries' Digital Collections.

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2020 Recipient2020 Recipient
2019 Recipient2019 Recipient
  • Mark Brennan, Professor, Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education, Agricultural Sciences, University Park— Philosophy of Teaching
  • Ali Kara, Professor, Business Administration, Business and Economics, Penn State York—Philosophy of Teaching
2018 Recipient2018 Recipient
  • Wendy Hanna-Rose, Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Science, University Park— Philosophy of Teaching
  • Jyotsna Kalavar, Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Health and Human Development, Penn State New Kensington—Philosophy of Teaching

2017 Recipient2017 Recipient
  • Brenda Russell, Professor, Psychology, Humanities, Arts and Sciences, Penn State Berks— Philosophy of Teaching
  • Christopher P. Staley, Distinguished Professor, Ceramics, Arts and Architecture, University Park— Philosophy of Teaching
2016 Recipient2016 Recipient
2015 Recipient2015 Recipients
2014 Recipient2014 Recipients
  • Gamble, John, Distinguished Professor, Political Science and International Law, Director of Honors Programs, Behrend— Philosophy of Teaching
  • Trethewey, Martin, Arthur L. Glenn Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University Park— Philosophy of Teaching
2013 Recipient2013 Recipients
2012 Recipient2012 Recipients
2011 Recipient2011 Recipients
2010 Recipient2010 Recipient
  • Mahan, Carolyn, Associate Professor, Biology, Altoona
2009 Recipients2009 Recipients
  • Shibley, Ike, Associate Professor, Chemistry, Berks
  • Wells, David, Associate Professor, Mathematics, New Kensington
2008 Recipients2008 Recipients
  • Alley, Richard B., Evan Pugh Professor, Geosciences, University Park
  • Viswanathan, Nathan, Professor, Chemistry, Fayette
2007 Recipients2007 Recipients
  • Gomez-Calderon, Javier, Professor, Mathematics, New Kensington
  • Grebski, Wieslaw, Associate Professor, Engineering, Hazleton
2006 Recipients2006 Recipients
  • Melton, Robert G., Professor, Undergraduate Studies, University Park
  • Shapiro, David, Professor, Economics, Demography, and Women's Studies, University Park
2005 Recipients2005 Recipients
  • Bridges, K. Robert, Associate Professor, Psychology, New Kensington
  • Weimer, Maryellen, Professor, Speech Communication, Berks
2004 Recipients2004 Recipients
  • Morrisson, Mark, Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • Shoop, Linda, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology, New Kensington
2003 Recipients2003 Recipients
  • Jarrett, Albert, Professor, Agricultural Engineering, University Park
  • Sharp, Jeffery, Associate Professor, Business Law, University Park
2002 Recipients2002 Recipients
  • Furlong, Kevin, Professor, Geosciences, University Park
  • Sommer, Henry Joseph, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University Park
2001 Recipients2001 Recipients
  • Anderson, Douglas R., Associate Professor, Philosophy, University Park
  • Sokol, Paul E., Professor, Physics, University Park
2000 Recipients2000 Recipients
  • Downs, Roger M., Professor, Geography, University Park
  • Findeis, Jill L., Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics, University Park
1999 Recipients1999 Recipients
  • Burgess, Robert, Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, University Park
  • Helou, Charles, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Delaware County
1998 Recipients1998 Recipients
  • Litzinger, Thomas A., Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University Park
  • Thrower, Peter, Assistant Professor, Material Science and Engineering, University Park
1997 Recipients1997 Recipients
  • Kirker, Constance, Associate Professor, Integrative Arts, Delaware
  • Turns, Stephen R., Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University Park
1996 Recipients1996 Recipients
  • Buckmaster, Elizabeth, Distinguished Professor, English, Delaware
  • Prakash, Madhu S., Associate Professor, Education, University Park
1995 Recipients1995 Recipients
  • Achterberg, Cheryl, Associate Professor, Nutrition, University Park
  • Cimbala, Stephen, Associate Professor, Political Science, Delaware County
1994 Recipients1994 Recipients
  • Duque, Manuel R., Associate Professor, Theater Arts, University Park
  • Zellner, Roger R., Assistant Professor, Visual Arts, Altoona
1993 Recipients1993 Recipients
  • Beebee, Thomas O., Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature and German, University Park
  • Ozment, Judy L., Professor, Chemistry, Ogontz
1992 Recipients1992 Recipients
  • Burkholder, Robert E., Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • Inserra, Louis, Assistant Professor, Architecture, University Park
1991 Recipients1991 Recipients
  • Clement, Priscilla F., Assistant Professor, History, University Park
  • Love, Nancy S., Professor, Political Science, University Park
  • Marande, Robert P., Professor, Physics, Behrend-Erie
1990 Recipients1990 Recipients
  • Bittner, Edward W., Assistant Professor, Chemistry, McKeesport
  • Brestensky, Dennis F., Associate Professor, English, Fayette
  • Rambeau, James M., Assistant Professor, English, University Park
  • West, Harry H., Professor, Civil Engineering, University Park
1989 Recipients1989 Recipients
  • Bullington, Bruce, Associate Professor, Administration of Justice, University Park
  • Monroe, James L., Associate Professor, Physics, Beaver
1988 Recipients1988 Recipients
  • Enscore, E. Emory, Jr., Professor, Industrial Engineering, University Park
  • Harrison, Ernest A., Jr., Professor, Chemistry, York
1987 Recipients1987 Recipients
  • Anderson, Arthur K., Jr., Associate Professor, Architecture, University Park
  • Murphy, Bruce A., Associate Professor, Political Science, University Park
1986 Recipients1986 Recipients
  • Fahnline, Donald E., Associate Professor, Physics, University Park
  • Spence, Larry D., Associate Professor, Political Science, University Park
1985 Recipients1985 Recipients
  • Bragger, Jeanette D., Associate Professor, French, University Park
  • Manfull, Helen A., Associate Professor, Theater and Film, University Park
1984 Recipients1984 Recipients
  • Buck, John C., Assistant Professor, English, University Park
  • Mills, Moylan C., Associate Professor, English, Humanities and the Arts, Ogontz
1983 Recipients1983 Recipients
  • Kroger, Manfred, Professor, Food Science, University Park
  • Moore, John W., Jr., Assistant Professor, English, University Park
1982 Recipients1982 Recipients
  • McCammon, Mary, Associate Professor, Mathematics, University Park
  • Schwartz, Lita L., Professor, Educational Psychology, Ogontz
1981 Recipients1981 Recipients
  • Flay, Joseph C., Associate Professor, Philosophy, University Park
  • Lewis, Pierce F., Professor, Geography, University Park
1980 Recipients1980 Recipients
  • Henszey, Benjamin N., Associate Professor, Business Law, University Park
  • Stere, Athleen J., Associate Professor, Biology, Altoona
1979 Recipients1979 Recipients
  • Hirshfield, Claire, Associate Professor, History, Ogontz
  • York, Thomas M., Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering, University Park
1978 Recipients1978 Recipients
  • Fagan, Edward R., Professor, Education, University Park
  • Keiper, Ronald L., Associate Professor, Biology, Mont Alto
1977 Recipient1977 Recipient
  • Christiansen, Monty L., Associate Professor, Rec, Parks and Landscape Architecture, University Park
1976 Recipients1976 Recipients
  • Klass, Philip, Professor, English, University Park
  • Merrill, William, Jr., Professor, Plant Pathology, University Park
1975 Recipients1975 Recipients
  • Grove, Murray Ellis, Associate Professor, General Education in the Arts, University Park
  • Shellenberger, Paul R., Associate Professor, Dairy Science, University Park
1974 Recipients1974 Recipients
  • Goldberg, Stella, Associate Professor, Child Development and Family Relations, University Park
  • Guber, Albert, Associate Professor, Geology, University Park
1973 Recipients1973 Recipients
  • Harrington, Joseph D., Professor, Agronomy, University Park
  • Holl, J. William, Professor, Aerospace Engineering, University Park
1972 Recipients1972 Recipients
  • Campbell, W. Paul, Professor, Music Education, University Park
  • Douglas, Joseph F., Associate Professor, Engineering, York
1971 Recipients1971 Recipients
  • Prybyla, Jan S., Professor, Economics, University Park
  • Schmalz, Robert F., Professor, Geology, University Park
1970 Recipients1970 Recipients
  • Chomicky, Yar G., Professor, Art Education, University Park
  • McElwee, Agnes R., Professor, English Composition, University Park
1969 Recipients1969 Recipients
  • Green, Robert W., Professor (Retired), European History, University Park
  • Pass, Vincent L., Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering, University Park
1968 Recipients1968 Recipients
  • Lattman, Laurence H., Professor, Geomorphology, University Park
  • Richer, A. Chester, Professor, Soil Technology, University Park
1967 Recipients1967 Recipients
  • Brickman, Arthur D., Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University Park
  • Goodfellow, Louis D., Associate Professor, Psychology, Altoona
1966 Recipients1966 Recipients
  • Rubinstein, S. Leonard, Associate Professor (Retired), English, University Park
  • Thevaos, Deno G., Associate Professor (Retired), Education and Psychology, University Park
1965 Recipients1965 Recipients
  • Isenberg, Melvin W., Professor, Architectural Engineering, University Park
  • Meahl, Robert P., Professor, Ornamental Horticulture, University Park
  • Mourant, John A., Professor (Retired), Philosophy, University Park
  • Oliver, Hayden C., Associate Professor, Music, Altoona
1964 Recipients1964 Recipients
  • Cheng, Tien-Hsi, Professor, Science, University Park
  • Nichols, Edward J., Professor (Retired), English Composition, University Park
1963 Recipient1963 Recipient
  • Mook, Maurice A., Professor, Anthropology, University Park
1962 Recipient1962 Recipient
  • Stoner, Richard G., Professor, Physics, University Park
1961 Recipient1961 Recipient
  • Tarpley, Harold I., Professor, Electrical Engineering, University Park
1960 Recipient1960 Recipient
  • Dickson, Harold E., Professor (Retired), History of Arts and Architecture, University Park
1959 Recipient1959 Recipient
  • Forster, Kent, Professor, European History, University Park
1958 Recipient1958 Recipient
  • Smith, Kinsley R., Professor, Psychology, University Park