Alumni/Student Award for Excellence in Teaching

(Teaching Fellow Award from 1986-2012)

This award, made possible by the Penn State Alumni Association, the Undergraduate Student Government, and the Graduate Student Association, recognizes distinguished teaching and provides a forum for encouraging effective teaching. Recipients are asked to share their talents and expertise with others throughout the University system. Year-long responsibilities may include such activities as participating in workshops and symposia, giving lectures or presentations on teaching techniques for new faculty and graduate assistants, taking part in discussions or seminars with students in the Schreyer Honors College, or teaching honors courses.

2020 Recipients

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2019 Recipients2019 Recipients
  • John Affleck, Associate Professor, Journalism, Communications, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Jeremy Blum, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Science, Engineering and Technology, Penn State Harrisburg—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Cheryl Nicholas, Associate Professor, Communication Arts & Sciences, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Penn State Berks—Philosophy of Teaching
2018 Recipients2018 Recipients
  • Charlotte Eubanks, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, Japanese, and Asian Studies, Liberal Arts, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Nichola Gutgold, Professor, Speech Communications, Communication, Penn State Lehigh Valley—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Anne Vardo-Zalik, Associate Professor, Biology, Science, Penn State York—Philosophy of Teaching
2017 Recipients2017 Recipients
  • Sarah Ades, Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Science, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Matthew Parkinson, Associate Professor, Engineering Design, Technology & Professional Programs, Engineering, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Charles Prettyman, III, Associate Professor, English, Liberal Arts, Penn State Fayette—Philosophy of Teaching
2016 Recipients2016 Recipients
  • Deborah Eicher-Catt, Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences, Penn State York—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Shirley Moody-Turner, English and African American Studies, Liberal Arts, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Craig Zabel, Associate Professor, Art History, Arts and Architecture, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
2015 Recipients2015 Recipients
  • Jane Charlton, Professor, Astronomy and Astrophysics, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Richard Doyle, Professor, English, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Allen Larson, Associate Professor, Communications, New Kensington
2014 Recipients2014 Recipients
  • Kvasny, Lynette, Associate Professor, Information Sciences and Technology, University Park—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Rotunno, Laura, Associate Professor, English and Honors Program Coordinator, Altoona—Philosophy of Teaching
  • Wood, Jennifer, Associate Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences, New Kensington—Philosophy of Teaching
2013 Recipients2013 Recipients 2012 Recipients2012 Recipients 2011 Recipients2011 Recipients 2010 Recipients2010 Recipients
  • Lyon, Janet, Associate Professor, English, University Park
  • McAllister, Matthew, Professor, Film/Video & Media Studies, University Park
  • Tawatnuntachai, Oranee, Associate Professor, Business Administration, Harrisburg
2009 Recipients2009 Recipients
  • Esparragoza, Ivan, Associate Professor, Engineering, Brandywine
  • Roush, Sherry, Associate Professor, Italian, University Park
  • Strzelec, Rebecca, Associate Professor, Visual Arts, Altoona
2008 Recipients2008 Recipients
  • Holdsworth, Deryck W., Professor, Geography, University Park
  • Nash, Philip, Associate Professor, History, Shenango
  • Null, Linda, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Harrisburg
2007 Recipients2007 Recipients
  • Beierlein, James, Professor, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, University Park
  • Gill, Deborah, Associate Professor, Spanish, DuBois
  • Houghton, Charlotte, Associate Professor, Art History, University Park
2006 Recipients2006 Recipients
  • Harpster, Harold W., Associate Professor, Animal Sciences, University Park
  • Womack, Kenneth A., Associate Professor, English, Altoona
2005 Recipients2005 Recipients
  • Kalsbeek, James T., Associate Professor, Architecture, University Park
  • Kurre, James A., Associate Professor, Economics, Erie
2004 Recipients2004 Recipients
  • Hillman, Jennifer, Associate Professor , Psychology, Berks-Lehigh
  • Litzinger, Thomas A., Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University Park
2003 Recipients2003 Recipients
  • Champagne, John, Associate Professor, English, Erie
  • Jenkins, Philip, Distinguished Professor, Religious Studies, University Park
2002 Recipient2002 Recipient  
  • Koch, Patricia, Professor, Biobehavioral Health, University Park
2001 Recipients2001 Recipients
  • Corty, Eric W., Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology, Erie
  • Talmage, Gita, Associate Professor, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, University Park
2000 Recipients2000 Recipients
  • Johnson, John A., Professor, Psychology, DuBois
  • Johnson, Michael P., Associate Professor, Sociology and Women's Studies, University Park
1999 Recipient1999 Recipient  
  • Marshall, Ian, Professor, English, Altoona
1998 Recipient1998 Recipient  
  • Mansfield, Phyllis Kernoff, Professor, Women's Studies and Health Education, University Park
1997 Recipient1997 Recipient  
  • Harvey, Paul, Jr., Associate Professor, History, Classics and Mediterranean Study, University Park
1996 Recipient1996 Recipient  
  • West, Harry H., Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, University Park
1995 Recipient1995 Recipient  
  • Willits, Fern K., Professor, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, University Park
1994 Recipient1994 Recipient  
  • Moore, John W., Jr., Associate Professor, English, University Park
1993 Recipient1993 Recipient  
  • Lowe, John P., Assistant Professor, Chemistry, University Park
1992 Recipient1992 Recipient  
  • Spence, Larry D., Associate Professor, Political Science, University Park
1991 Recipient1991 Recipient  
  • Kleindorfer, George B., Associate Professor, Quantitative Business Analysis, University Park
1990 Recipient1990 Recipient  
  • Secor, Marie J., Associate Professor, English, University Park
1989 Recipient1989 Recipient  
  • Uricchio, William C., Assistant Professor, Film, Television and Mass Communications, University Park
1988 Recipient1988 Recipient  
  • Speilvogel, Jackson J., Associate Professor, History, University Park
1987 Recipient1987 Recipient  
  • Ebbitt, Wilma R., Professor, English, University Park
1986 Recipient1986 Recipient  
  • Pennock, Roger, Jr., Professor, Soil Genesis, University Park