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Instructional Design Academy

Penn State Instructional Designers are invited to apply for the Schreyer Institute’s annual Instructional Design Academy. Spend three days over the summer in a cohort-based and hands-on experience which will focus on researched based methods that instructional designers can use to help their faculty conceptualize course and curricular design to promote student learning. As a cohort we will explore ways to motivate students and faculty and make sure that course objectives, activities, and assessments are aligned, as well as strategies for discussing pedagogical decision points with faculty. This academy is inspired by our very popular faculty Course Design Academy (CDA) and we would like to offer the instructional design community the same opportunity.

Successful applicants will receive a copy of the popular book Design for How People Learn, by Julie Dirksen (2016). In addition, we’ll leverage the 7 principles of learning outlined in How Learning Works (2010) to assist faculty in developing a course that is learning-centered and utilizes the most current research in higher education teaching. The goal of this academy is for participants to collaboratively assemble a coherent and well-aligned strategy for supporting faculty through the consultation and design process. In addition, last year’s cohort began the creation of an online ID handbook and we intend to continue its evolution and development this year.

The Schreyer Institute Instructional Design Academy is intended to be an intense face-to-face experience and space is very limited. There are other models across the nation for this sort of design institute (and many charge high fees). Ours is not only free but is tailored to the needs of the Penn State community. Whether yours is a familiar face at the Schreyer Institute, or if this will be a new connection, you can expect ongoing support even after you leave the Academy.

Academy Requirements

The Instructional Design Academy typically takes place in June. Academy requirements, along with specific dates are usually be published in March.

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