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Short Courses Alumni Video Series

The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence invites you to share your experiences and lessons learned from having participated in our short courses. These videos will be made available for viewing via Kaltura to fellow Penn State faculty members, and beyond (with your permission). We recognize that your participation was a commitment (and we hope a worthwhile one!). We think your Penn State colleagues would love to hear about it, too. Please consider submitting a short video (4 minutes or less) to share in which you discuss your experiences, challenges, benefits, and lessons learned that you will apply to your future teaching.

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Recording Instructions
Uploading and Submission


  • Your video should be 4 minutes or less
  • Student Privacy: Please respect student privacy and do not mention specific student names, or show any video clips featuring student faces.
  • Please respond to the following questions in this order:
    • Introduce yourself and share the discipline and size of the course about which you will speak. If you will speak about your experience from multiple classes, please indicate those details as well. 
    • What was your bottleneck? (For TASL alumni)
    • What were the benefits of participating in the short courses offered by SITE?
    • What were the unexpected challenges of the course?
    • What will you carry forward from this experience in your future teaching?

Recording Instructions

  • We encourage you to use Zoom to record this video, as it allows us to make this video accessible rapidly with auto-captioning.
    • To learn more on how to record a video on zoom please view this video.
    • To learn more on how to enable auto-transcript please visit  this page.
      • NOTE: auto transcript must be enabled PRIOR to the recording.
  • If you choose to use your phone to record, please make sure the video is captured in landscape mode [as displayed in the image below]
A visual representation of mobile phone orientaions, landscape and portrait

Uploading and Submission

  • NOTE: please name your video file in this format: “lastname_TASL ” (example: smith_TASL)
  • Please upload your video here:

Technical Support

For technical support related to recording or uploading your video, please email Mona AlQahtani, at

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