Course Design Academy

We are pleased to announce that one of the Schreyer Institute’s signature summer programs, the Course Design Academy (CDA), will take place this summer in a virtual format. From June 1-18, CDA participants will (re)design their courses with the support of their own personal design coach and peers from across the Penn State community. As a participant in this highly interactive faculty learning community, you’ll apply principles of design, as well as the latest research on teaching, to your specific course. Inspired by the CDA, participants have collaborated on grant projects, presented at teaching conferences, given invited talks on teaching topics, and published studies of their redesigned courses.

By the end of the academy, you will have created an overall course map ; and much of your summertime course planning work will be done.

The Schreyer Institute Course Design Academy is intense. There are other models across the nation for this sort of course design institute (and many charge high fees). Ours is not only free but is tailored to the needs of Penn State faculty. Whether yours is a familiar face at the Schreyer Institute, or if this will be a new connection, you can expect ongoing support even after you leave the Academy.

Here's what some of our previous CDA participants had to say about their experience:

  • Great Program!! Great to interact with colleagues from other disciplines.
  • An amazingly helpful way to kick off my summer. THANK YOU!
  • It made a huge difference in my attitude on returning to the classroom in the fall, and it prompted me to develop a few new strategies that led to better work from my students.
  • It was well run and those in charge were really experts in their fields.
  • I appreciated the program, found it very helpful, and it also gave me confidence in teaching in the fall semester, as I have been out of the teaching realm for about 20 years.
  • I would love to do this again to redesign courses I have taught before!

Academy Requirements

This year’s Course Design Academy will take place in June, with a digital format. We will meet via Zoom on Mondays (except for Memorial Day) (June 1 - 14) and Fridays (June 4 - 18), with individual coaching scheduled in-between meetings.

Given the digital format of this year’s CDA, travel will not be necessary. In lieu of travel grants, participants will be eligible for a small teaching materials grant upon completion of the program (with a requirement of attendance at all Zoom meetings and completion of deliverables).

Please note that participation in the Course Design Academy is competitive. We do give preference to faculty members who are designing a new course or redesigning an existing course for Penn State students, particularly those courses that have already received departmental and Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee approval. To apply for the 2021 Course Design Academy, please respond to this application survey (linked below) by APRIL 30, 2021.

Apply Online

Photos of previous Course Design Academy faculty