Feeling like a fake: Overcoming the impostor phenomenon
Facilitated by Michael Murphy and Moji Shahvali
Tuesday, 2/27/2018, Noon - 1:15 p.m.
315 Rider Building, University Park

micheal murphy portraitMoji Shahvali (portrait)Impostor Phenomenon (also sometimes called Impostor Syndrome) is the belief, despite evidence to the contrary, that one is inadequate, unworthy, and does not belong in a particular role or position. One attributes one's success to luck, luck that will soon run out. "I am a fraud," that little voice inside says, "and it's only a matter of time before everyone else knows it. I don't belong here."

This set of beliefs and the attendant self-criticism can have profound consequences for our well-being, our enjoyment of life, work, and school, and our ability to perform at our true levels.

Impostor Phenomenon is quite common in academia, and both teachers and students suffer in secret. In this workshop, facilitated by Michael Murphy and Moji Shahvali, we will talk more about what I.P. is and how to recover a well-deserved sense of confidence, enjoyment, and satisfaction in our teaching, learning, and research. We will also explore ways to support those students in our classrooms with similar thoughts and feelings.

This workshop satisfies a requirement for the Instructional Foundations Series for new instructors.