Instructional Foundations Series: Description and Requirements of Spring 2020

Instructional Foundations is a series of workshops for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and instructors from all disciplines who have never taught at the university level (grading experience OK) prior to spring 2020. The series is designed to provide people new to college teaching with knowledge, skills and confidence they can use in their first teaching experience. As a participant in this series, you will gain:

If you have questions about the series, please contact one of the facilitators, Deena Levy or Larkin Hood , as soon as possible.

Overall series objectives:

Upon successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

Series completion certificate:

While this series does not serve as a formal “certification” process, it does provide you with documentation of your participation in this professional development opportunity. This certificate may be included in your teaching portfolio as evidence of your professional development as an instructor.

You can earn a completion certificate from SITE if you:

*Choose ONE of these dates to attend.

PLEASE NOTE: The series completion certificate does not count toward the Graduate School Teaching Certificate. For a complete list of the requirements for the Graduate School Teaching Certificate, please visit .

Timeline and Deliverables

Please register for the required workshops by following the links or by visiting our events page.Programs fill quickly, so registration is strongly encouraged and appreciated.

Date Topics Lesson Objectives Activities/Assignments Due
1/22 How to Plan a Class Session Articulate an approach to planning a lesson Get signature of one workshop facilitator
1/28 Handling Challenging Situations Be familiar with strategies to handle difficult classroom situations Get signature of one workshop facilitator
Please visit our Events page Choice of Topic
Explore one of your own teaching interests Get signature of one workshop facilitator
No later than 3/17 Observe and interview an instructor in your discipline Describe methods for making pedagogical decisions about your content Take notes using class observation guide
Post reflection online no later than 3/22
Comment on two peer posts no later than 3/29
11:00 a.m.–noon
Reflect on your series experiences with a group of peers Reflect on beliefs and practices about teaching and learning Come prepared to contribute to the conversation. Registering for this event indicates your intent to participate in the Instructional Foundations Series program.
No later than 3/31 Submission of completed Signature Sheets Verification of workshop participation Turn in completed signature sheetsare due 3/31. Upload them to the dropbox or submit them in hard copy to 301 Rider Building (via in person drop-off or intercampus mail).