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What the Best College Teachers Do
Ken Bain, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA (2004)
The publication, What the Best College Teachers Do, is based on a fifteen-year study of nearly one hundred college teachers from various fields and universities. Author Ken Bain tries to “capture the collective scholarship of some of the best teachers in the United States, to record not just what they think, but most of all, to begin to conceptualize their practices.” In this book, you will find insights on how to engage and challenge students

This is a bibliography compiled by the University Libraries' Daniel Mack in 2009. It lists many resources on the topic of interdisciplinary teaching in higher education.

An easy to use graphical representation of updated Bloom's Taxonomy congitive domain, including definitions.

This is an interactive webpage that illustrates instersections between learning objectives and skill levels.

Case study about a disability rights issue in a classroom.

This document provides suggestions for thinking about addressing diversity in the classroom and incorporating those thoughts into your teaching portfolio.