Workshops Especially for Grad Students and Postdocs

Below are the Spring 2021 topics in the Schreyer Institute workshop series for grad students and postdocs. All events are free. Please make sure to register so we can send you the Zoom links. Full descriptions can be found on the Schreyer Institute events page.

If you'd like to suggest a workshop topic for our spring series, or request a customized workshop for your department or grad student group, send an email to Chas Brua.

TA 101: Thriving as a teaching assistant

Tuesday, Jan. 26, from 12:05-1:20pm. register

How to plan a class session

(offered multiple times; pick one)

  • Wednesday, Jan. 27, from 10:10-11:25am register
  • OR Thursday, Jan. 28, from 12:05-1:20pm register
  • OR Wednesday, Feb. 17, from 10:10-11:25am register

Preparing your teaching demo for an interview

(offered multiple times; pick one)

  • Tuesday, Feb. 2, from 12:05-1:20pm register
  • OR Wednesday, Feb. 3, from 10:10-11:25am register

Preparing your teaching statement for the job market

(offered multiple times; pick one)

  • Wednesday, Feb. 10, from 10:10-11:25am register
  • Tuesday, March 9, from 12:05-1:20pm register

Teaching so all your students are included

Thursday, Feb. 11, from 12:05-1:20pm register

Handling challenging situations and hot moments in your course

Tuesday, Feb. 16, from 12:05-1:20pm register

Wellbeing for instructors: What, why, how?

Thursday, Feb. 18, from 12:05-1:20pm register

Spring cleaning: Keeping Zoom teaching fresh

Tuesday, Feb. 23, from 12:05-1:20pm register

Promoting wellbeing for our students

Thursday, Feb. 25, from 12:05-1:20pm register

Feeling confident and comfortable teaching in a U.S. classroom

Tuesday, March 2, from 12:05-1:20pm register

Doing research on your teaching (and publishing it)

Wednesday, March 3, 10:10-11:25am register

Using assessment to promote learning

Wednesday, March 10, from 10:10-11:25am register

Leading discussions and handling students' questions in a U.S. classroom

Tuesday, March 16, from 12:05-1:20pm register

Using reflection to thrive as an instructor

Wednesday, March 17, from 10:10-11:25am register


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