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Teaching Awards Candidate Packet Preparation / Review Information

Below, we provide packet preparation guidelines and requirements. Using a standardized packet format ensures consistency that aids reviewers and candidates. We recommend sharing the evaluation rubric with the candidates so they know what reviewers will expect.

All candidate packets should include the following:

  1. Teaching Philosophy Statement – 1 page maximum

  2. Penn State Appointments – 1 page maximum

    1. Appointments (reverse chronological order)
  3. Penn State Undergraduate Teaching Improvement Activities – 2 pages maximum

    1. Teaching and learning innovation; equity and inclusion; undergraduate teaching and learning service; teaching and learning scholarship; instructional development activities; serving as a teaching mentor.
  4. Letters of Support – 4 pages total

    1. Recent Undergraduate Student Letters

      • 3 students, 1 page each
      • Current undergraduate students are those who have taken an undergraduate course from the candidate during the previous two years, inclusive of students that have graduated. Letters from students who have served as a learning assistant, undergraduate TA, graduate TA, or research advisee are not appropriate.
    2. Peer Review of Teaching Letter

      • 1 letter, 1 page
      • Letter author must have conducted a Peer Review of Teaching for an undergraduate course and provide specific examples focused on criteria relevant to the undergraduate teaching awards and why this faculty member is an exceptional teacher. This letter should not be a repurposed letter prepared for a promotion dossier unless the criteria differ.
    3. Syllabus

      1. One (1) sample syllabus. Copy a course document; no modification or explanatory text is necessary.
    4. Assignment

      1. One (1) sample assignment from the same course as the syllabus. Copy a course document; no modification or explanatory text is necessary.
    5. Reference Materials

      1. Timetable
      2. Candidate Packet Guidelines

      3. Evaluation Rubric

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